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"Gyllenhaal is a revelation once again, and the control of his instrument is a wonderful thing to witness. The character is unhinged, but precisely pitched. Unblinking and haunted, one imagines a rich back story for this character. While it’s never explicitly stated, much is suggested by Gyllenhaal’s fractured, on-the-edge performance and the environment around him; a lifetime of loneliness and isolation from an indifferent world that’s about to crack and manifest itself in all kinds of ugly fissures. The harsh fluorescent brilliance of “Nightcrawler” is just how in tune Gyllenhaal, Gilroy and the movie are. Bloom and the movie slowly uncoil in tandem lock and step to unveil much more than an unsocialized loner who’s listened to too many of Tony Robbins’ motivational speeches. But Gyllenhaal isn’t scene-chewing, and the humanity glimpsed early on is perhaps what makes his sinister transformation so creepy." [x]

Nightcrawler | Dan Gilroy, 2014


CultureHISTORY: “Empire State of Mind (Live)” – Jay Z & Alicia Keys – World Series Game 2, October 2009 (Song starts at 00:45)

An ode to the city today. Yankees were down 0-1 to the Phillies and Jay Z came with Alicia Keys to drop their new single which was a hip hop love letter to New York. It absolutely electrified the crowd, even the ball players. He gave the city a new anthem. Yankees went on to win the World Series 4-2.